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GDFC Projects In Ghana - 10/1/06

We are glad to provide an update on our current activities and projects in the GaDangme (Greater Accra) Region in Ghana. 

The Board of Directors of the GDFC has decided to extend assistance to some needy and deserving non-profit enterprises in Accra. This would not only bring such assistance to those areas, but would also establish a track record for the GDFC, as a bona-fide charitable organization in our quest for funding from sources in the USA.

Some of the beneficiaries of our assistance are:

  1. We are looking specifically at the cancer ward. We all know how tragic is the plight of those children. Many of us do what we can to help. Yet how many of us can say we are doing enough.

  1. As an affiliate of the Ghana Broadcasting Corp., Obonu FM receives minimal Government support, with more support coming from the general public.
  2. It is dedicated to providing programs for adults and children’s education through various media, mostly on the air, as well as lectures and posters in schools and libraries.
  3. The impoverished GaDangme rural folk and those on the fringes in the urban areas need this service to keep abreast with the times and to seek necessary help.
  4. The GDFC is willing to take on this added responsibility of giving this needed assistance, but we are asking TUCC to aid us by contributing a little more funding to this cause.

  1. The students association is engaged in a comprehensive, voluntary out-reach projects which otherwise should have been undertaken by more prominent NGO’s, which of course are hard to come by.

    They derive their funding from such meager sources as their own pocket money and little donations from sources like the GDFC.

    The extent of the funding from the GDFC for above projects is as follows:

The Children’s Hospital $2,000 (To be appropriated)
Obonu FM radio $500 (Budgeted)
Legon GD students association  $500 (Already donated)
Total $3000

The above projects are an attempt to start expanding our horizons and to undertake responsibilities never before attempted by any similar GaDangme charitable group. We know the whole community would be most grateful and appreciative.

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